Holy Monastery of Archangel Michael

The Monastery of Filotheou founded a female Holy Monastery. It is one of Thassos’ largest monasteries and is located in the southern section of the island. It offers a one-of-a-kind view from its perch on the cliff’s edge, overlooking a secluded cove.
A piece of the Holy Material, that is, a portion of the nails on which Christ was crucified, is housed at the Monastery, and its exposition is exceedingly rich. It is necessary to adhere to a decent dress code, and clothing is available at the door for individuals who are not properly dressed.
Saint Luke himself, according to religious tradition, practiced asceticism and sanctification in the Monastery of the Archangel Michael. The Monastery of Archangel Michael is the island’s pilgrimage, and Archangel Michael is regarded their patron saint by the people of Thassos. It commemorates the feast of the Archangel Michael on November 8th.